Top Holiday Destinations in India for Valentine Celebration

A passionate kiss, soft toys, a bouquet of red roses, candlelit dinner with soft music playing in the background and warm hug; is this your plan to celebrate valentine? Don’t worry, think again. Valentine is the day which is also known as valentine festival. It is the day to express your love with your partner.



It is the destination for those love birds, who want to enjoy their personal moments, and their feelings. There is no doubt that it is the best destination for valentine celebration in exotic way. At this place there is blue water, white sand and colorful reefs.

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There are many beautiful things here, which are linked with ooty and make this place romantic and different with other place. Panoramic surroundings, pleasant weather, whispering bird sounds, beautiful sights and rejuvenating breeze all things make ooty, a good choice to celebrate the festival of love.



During February, this place is truly paradise for honeymooners and couples. It has great attractions and lots of exciting things are here. You should visit the hill station in Nanital.

You can visit at some famous destinations here:

  • Nainital Lake
  • Naini Park
  • Snow View
  • Tiffin Top
  • Gurney House
  • Gorakhal etc.




Why not give your partner amazing surprise on this valentine day? Take her/him to Manali and feel the warmness of love. Here are incredible weather, charming hills and other attractive things, which your partner will like them very much. Fill your life with full of romance on this day.




Shimla is one of the best places to celebrate valentines day in India. It is the place of full excitement and love. Excellent excursion points, striking dramatic views of mountains and clouds, delicious local food, great shopping stuff and a bustling Mall Road, such types of things are there.

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Valentines Day Outfits 2015 to Make Valentine Remarkable

Valentine 2015 is coming very near. All the couples want fun on this auspicious occasion. People are so excited to celebrate valentines day with full of love, hope and affection.

On the valentines day, the couples will wear the different-different colors outfits. The outfits should be comfortable and more gorgeous. Dressing should be sensible for all the couples, who will wear the outfits.


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If you want more fabulous and attractive outfits, then you can search online and order online. You should go the local market to purchase different-different color outfits.

Valentines Day Outfits for Guys:

-Search for an outfits that looks stylish and attractive. A denim jeans with a v-neck t-shirt will look elegant.


-a pair of leather shoes will look better.

-If you are planning to go for a lunch with your partner, then wear the casuals in light pastel shades will be better. Don’t use black color shoes during day time.


-If you are going to on a formal date, then wear the formal cloth. Wear black suit with plain shirt with tie and a blazer. It will be the fantastic combination.

Matching Valentine Outfits for Couples:

For boy:


Boy can wear the fashionable outfits that look stylish and cool. A black suit with a red tie and black pent can be more smartness on any boyfriend. Apart from, he can try some trendy outfits like jeans and colorful shirt or plain shirt with the spreading perfume.

For Girl:


To look more beautiful, a girl can wear a skirt or trendy gown with colorful designs and a chain. Instead of these things she can try jeans, top, and gowns on valentines day.


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Funny Quotes for Happy Valentines day

Valentine is more popular in India and foreign country also. The people exchange flowers and gifts from each other and appreciate to their friends as lovers. It is a type of love and affection, what you feel from others. Most of the people give gifts as beautiful singing cards, love bird cards, rose cards etc. to their someone special.

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Some people gives gifts at late night and some enjoy party celebration on this fabulous occasion. Youngsters give the red rose to their girlfriends on this auspicious occasion.

Funny Quotes of Happy Valentines day:

Who is wise who doesn’t fall in love?


Today is a valentines day what else men can say it is an Extortion Day.

To fall in love is merely to be in the state of perceptual anesthesia.

Women in past interested on husbands they hope history repeats itself.

Men are the proof that women are cursed.


A man fall in love is incomplete until he is married but then he’s finished.

Husband and Wife Love Quotes:

If you are far from your valentine or just get married, these are some pretty useful quotes for you to feel your love and caring to your valentine.


What I feel our marriage works that my husband is a best friend of mine. He inspires everything in my life and let me do the best that I can. I want to stay with him till the end of my time.


Husbands who are most calm make the stormiest wives.


When a woman thinks her husband is fool then she can pass one to ten years together but will never love and respect him ever.


Simple women are always jealous of their husbands but beautiful women don’t worry about it. Because beautiful women are occupied with being jealous of other women’s husbands.


You will make your family heavenly happiness by following God’s plan of team work.

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A good husband quality is last one to go to sleep and first one to get up in the morning.

20 Creative Valentine’s Day Cards

The valentine period has come and is right around the corner. If you want to get the gifts like flowers, chocolates, candles or valentine cards, then consider this year as the good one of another.

Don’t be upset if you are unable to give the valentine cards to your loving one. Just think about what types of cards will be liked by them. Search the creative cards for your loving one from various websites through the internet. One of the easiest gifts for anyone on the valentine day is greeting cards. You can get the valentine greeting cards from any shopping mall or any local shop.

Some of the valentine cards are here. I am presenting you 20 creative valentine day cards for you; I hope that you will like them very much. So, send the valentine greeting cards to your loving friends. Show your love with the cards and Impress your partner.

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20 Creative Valentine Day Cards:





















Love Card Wallpaper









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Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper